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Welcome!   We are here to help ordinary, everyday people with everyday, ordinary problems using individual hypnosis techniques... How can we help you?

James M. Mason, PhD, CCH

James Mason is a  scientist with a BS in Chemistry and a PhD in Pathology. Retired from the Univ of TN and LabCorp, Jim is now the consulting Laboratory Director of Mid-South Transplant Foundation near Memphis, TN. He has  come down this path because of his intense interest in helping people. Jim has been Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists to help people improve their lives using hypnosis. This is his new passion! Jim particularly enjoys helping people with managing chronic discomfort although he works with numerous other issues as well. He is delighted to hear "I have no pain" from a client who has dealt unsuccessfully with it for years!! And he is eager to help YOUR subconscious guide YOU to where YOU want to go! 

Linda H. Mason, BSMT, CCH

Linda Mason is a Clinical Laboratory Scientist holding a BS in Medical Technology who practiced, mostly at the City of Memphis Hospitals and the Univ of TN, for 28 years. She is an expert in the study of blood, rising to the position of Supervisor of Special Hematology. She also taught hematology at the Univ of TN  and Alamance Community College. She is a trained Stephen Minister and is active in her local church as well as HESED, a retreat for developmentally challenged adults. After training with Nadeen Manuel, she was awarded a Certification as a Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists. Now Hypnosis is in HER BLOOD! She looks forward to helping you achieve your goals through hypnosis.

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Physically located within Forest Hills Presbyterian Church in High Point, NC, we are a group of Certified Consulting Hypnotists who are eager to help everyday ordinary people with everyday ordinary problems using individualized hypnosis techniques. We trained with Nadeen Manuel, who is widely recognized as one of the world's best, and were certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists in June, 2014. We have helped people lose weight, stop smoking, remove discomfort and get motivated to exercise regularly. 

Certified Consulting Hypnotists

As Certified Consulting Hypnotists, the Universal Wellness Center is committed to facilitating the full potential of our clients. This is accomplished by assisting individuals to identify unhealthy habits and making positive changes through hypnosis. We do not treat or diagnose medical or mental health problems. We, as hypnotists, are not licensed health care providers or psychologists.



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Universal Wellness Center

Room 5, Forest Hills Presbyterian Church, 836 W. Lexington Ave, High Point, NC 27262

Universal Wellness Center

836 West Lexington Avenue, High Point, North Carolina 27262, United States