We offer assistance with the following issues:

Weight Management - Adopt better eating and other related habits.

Smoking Cessation - Remove the desire to smoke or use other tobacco products.

Anger Management - Keep your temper under better control.

Chronic Discomfort Issues - Your body uses discomfort to tell you when something needs attention. After the cause is known, you can use hypnosis to lessen or remove the discomfort.

Irrational Fears - Lessen or remove various unwarranted, unwanted aversions. 

Habitual Worry Reduction - Reduce or eliminate worrying too much about too little.

Sleep Issues - Get to sleep more easily and get more real rest.

Relaxation - Relieve tension in your body.

Stress Relief - Improve your reaction to difficult situations.

Confidence for Success - Become more confident and create a climate for success.

Self Esteem - Learn to see a better you.

Attracting Abundance - Remove internal obstacles to an abundant life.

Preparing for Change - Overcome the fear of a changing environment.

Enhancing Creativity - Bring out your inner creative self.

And many more...  If your issue isn't listed, let us know how we can assist you! 


We do not treat or diagnose medical or mental health problems.

We, as hypnotists, are not licensed health care providers or psychologists.